Under 14′s Falcons – Bag Pack Thanks

Heaton Hawks Under 14′s Falcons would like to say a special thanks to the staff of Asda Byker who allowed them to spend a day in store with them on Saturday 30th August 2014 packing customers bags which raised money for team funds.

In total, the Under 14′s Falcons raised a massive £630 which will be used to buy new kit for the entire squad as well as warm jackets for substitutes for the winter months. Heaton Hawks Under 14′s Falcons would like to thank the staff of Asda Byker along with all the generous people who donated.

New Day & Time for Fun Club

Heaton Hawks JFC’s Fun Club is to move to a new day and venue to replace the sessions on a Saturday morning.

Heaton Hawks JFC have secured a indoor venue for their weekly fun club which has been talking place on a Saturday morning at The Manor. The new venue will be Benfield School Sports Centre with sessions taking place between 6pm and 7pm on Friday evenings commencing on Friday 5th September 2014. These sessions will run on a weekly basis.

Simply turn up at Benfield Sports Centre on Friday evening ready to start the session at 6pm or for more information contact info@heatonhawks.co.uk

Under 11′s Hawks require players

Heaton Hawks Under 11s still have a couple of places available in their squad for the upcoming 2014/2015. If you are without a team and looking to joining a friendly charter standard development club, please contact Under 11s manager and club secretary, David Allan on 07818 551 136. The Under 11s Hawks will be competing in the Pin Point Junior Football League, Premiership 2 for the upcoming season.

Heaton Hawks Managers Meeting

The details of the first Heaton Hawks Manager’s meeting have been released by Club Secretary, David Allan. The meeting will take place on Friday 5th September 2014 with a start time of 7pm. The meeting will be held at The Club Room, Benfield Sports Centre (behind Benfield School). All teams within the club MUST be represented by at least ONE coach. If any manager/coach within the club would like an item to be added to the agenda, please contact David Allan by Friday 29th August 2014.

Saturday Fun Club Cancelled

Due to summer holidays, Heaton Hawks JFC ‘Fun Club’ which usually takes place on a Saturday mornings between 10.30am and 12pm will be CANCELLED on Saturday 16th and Saturday 23rd of August due to coaches holidays.

Pin Point Junior League – Dispensation Requests

For the attention of all team managers/coaches.

The Pin Point Junior Football League has released information regarding League Dispensation for the upcoming 2014/2015 season.

Any team which requires League Dispensation must request this through Heaton Hawks Club Secretary, David Allan via e-mail (davidallan3320@gmail.com).

Dispensation must be received by the Pin Point Junior Football League, 28 days in advance of the requested fixture and must include the following information:

• Full Team Name
• Age Group
• League/Division
• Opposition you are due to play.
• Reason for dispensation request – Short and to the point!


The Pin Point Junior League will then information Heaton Hawks Club Secretary if the dispensation has been granted, the league will not enter into correspondence with individual team managers.

Should dispensation be authorised by the Pin Point Junior League – it is the responsibility of the team manager to contact the opposition team to inform them of the postponed fixture.

Should any Heaton Hawks manager have any questions or concerns, please contact Club Secretary, David Allan in the first instance.

Managers Meetings – Season 2014/2015

For attention of all team managers/coaches.

As agreed at the AGM held on Friday 11th July 2014, Managers meetings will be held every eight weeks to improve the communication throughout the club.

David Allan has released the dates for the remainder of the 2014 calendar year. It is expected that all team’s throughout the club are represented.

• Friday 5th September 2014 – 7.30pm
• Friday 24th October 2014 – 7.30pm
• Friday 19th December 2014 – 7.30pm

Venues for all three meetings are to be confirmed.

AGM – Minutes (July 2014)

Heaton Hawks JFC Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 11th of July 2014 at Benfield Centre for Excellence.

The minutes of the meeting can be found below.

– 27 Present
– No Apologies

Secretary’s Report

Firstly I must apologise that this AGM has taken so long to materialise. It has been a very difficult last 14 months for me and my family and unfortunately my role as secretary at the Club did fall by the wayside as you can appreciate this was not my main priority. The secretary’s role at the Hawks is a very important, daily, hands on role and I feel I have not given my full support to the Club. Therefore this coming season I will be stepping down as secretary and also as from my role as treasurer. I will of course be around to advise and help our new secretary and hopefully in the near future I can come back and fully focus on The Hawks once again but for the time being I will be taking a back seat. The Hawks has been my life for 17 years and along with Rob and Sean who were with me at the beginning of this journey, this Club is something myself and the lads are very proud of.

I would personally like to thank our Chairman Micky Taylor for keeping us afloat this season and I know it has stretched him mentally and emotionally as he has taken far too much on. This cannot continue and we need more personal to lighten the load and support Micky and the rest of the Committee

Unfortunately We have not had an organised AGM for nearly 2 seasons so I have not released any minutes from the last one as I felt it pointless .This will not happen in future as AGM’s will be organised for the June / July period of every year.

• Once again a successful season on and off the pitch and As with our FA 5 year development plan we have progressed the Club as it continues to grow with the girls section moving ahead well with 3 teams at Under 11/12 + 13’s and to add under 14’s this coming season Club Membership now exceeds 290 and we have 22 teams.

• This year in the 13/14 season the 7/8 / 9 + 10’s once again played their football in the N’cle Mini Soccer league whilst one of our u 9’s played at KYPC. Our 11’s to 17’s play in the Pinpoint Recruitment Junior League.

• Following the demise of our Under 19’s due to being let down by Heaton Stannington and so as to keep our FA Community standard we had an informal link to Gosforth Bohemians where 6 of the u 19’s went to play for their first and 2nd teams. There is still a link there but hopefully following next season we will have our own senior team

• The Friday /Saturday Fun Club went from strength to strength and this has enabled us to now form 3 teams at Under 7/8’s for the coming season. Thanks to Micky for starting this off and Richie and Paul for taking it over and running with it I notice more coaches are trying to reach FA Level 2 standard and it’s also pleasing to see past players coming in to coach the little ones. It is great to see Coaches wanting to do this. Surely the kids and the Club will benefit from this

• Richard Stephenson (our U 13’s girls manager) has taken the initiative via the FA and introduced JUST PLAY to the hawks where every Friday evening, anyone, regardless of age or ability can turn up at The Manor for an organised kick out. This will continue throughout the winter months at Benfield 3G. Any coaches interested please see Richard for details

• Benfield 3G is where a lot of our winter training will be this coming season as the facility is new. We have signed up to be a partner club with the Benfield sports Centre. This will enable us to come way from the heaton manor astro and this surface will greatly benefit the children

• The Hawks had again held a number of cup finals this year and also the end of season under 7/8’s N’cle Mini Soccer Tournament. Feedback had been very positive with the promise of more finals next season

• The Clubs Charity Status was eventually gained and as you are well aware our nominated charity is CHUF. Obviously this is something that is very close to my heart and I thank you for choosing this Charity. I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me this last 14 months and also kind thanks for the way you have supported the charity. In total we have raised approx. £3k for CHUF and I would like to personally thank Alan Toward for his fundraising efforts. The Parents v Coaches match seems to be an annual fundraiser that we will be keeping as the parents hope to get their revenge next season

• The Manor – As you can see the Manor is not in the best condition due to council cuts. It is uncertain as to what is to happen here regarding lining and cutting and Davy Allen is attending an NFA meeting next week with this on the agenda. It may well be that in the future the Hawks will have to undergo the M’tce themselves

• Presentation Night – This year we changed the venue and did an “all in one night” at the NE6 Suite . It ran quite well but feedback said it was a little bit too long. This night is very difficult to organise and produce and We will look at this again and possibly hold a suggestion box ideas for parents to comment on and possibly for them to give other ideas for a Presentation night

• “SUBS” remained at £3 in 13/14 season and will remain at £3 for the coming season. A £10 membership fee was levied to the members and for this the children received a rain jacket with badge and child’s initials. This season will be the same but undecided as to what attire will be bought. Unfortunately in this economic climate things are tight but we must raise funds and sponsorship for the Club to survive

• As you will notice in the Committee member’s elections later there has been more members added to the Executive Committee. With the Club constantly growing, it is essential this is maintained and possibly added to.

• Thank You’s – Finally I’d like to finish off by Thanking all the managers and coaches for their hard work and endeavour throughout the season. Please remember these people are all volunteers and do a sterling job to help the kids. Also big thanks go to the Exec committee who have served the Club well over the last year and to Bob Day for being the fixture/pitch secretary.
Again Thanks and gratitude to Micky Taylor for leading the Club and finally to Susan and Deborah who ran the kitchen. Please remember all monies go back into the Club.

Treasurers Report

As Club Treasurer it is John Bowers responsibility for the finance of the Club. Full accounts must be kept at all times. With affiliation to the Northumberland Football Association all Club accounts must be presented to the NFA and audited by them annually. This was done on June 31st of this year. With also being a charity the accounts are also prepared and presented to the Charities Commission. The accounts were discussed and explained thoroughly.

Election of Club Officials/Committee

Before the Election of officers took place the Secretary John Bower asked to change the running of the agenda as a new ruling to the Clubs constitution needed to be changed before the re-election of the new officials. With the Club continually growing it was to accommodate more executive committee officials. It was agreed to change the Constitution to allow the increase in election of 12 Trustees/Executive committee plus 2 co-opted Members as opposed to previously being 12 maximum officials – AGREED

The previous year’s Club officials then resigned. New election of 11 officials and 2 co-opted members then took place

• Chairman – Micky Taylor – proposed by Sean Stobbs, seconded by Rob Davidson.
• Vice Chairman – Sean Stobbs – proposed by John Bower, seconded by Richie Martin.
• Secretary – David Allan – proposed by Donna Atkinson, seconded by Alan Toward.
• Assistant Secretary – John Bower – proposed by Sean Stobbs, seconded Mark Atkinson.
• Treasurer – Paul Wright – proposed by Richie Martin, seconded by Scott Chilvers.
• Child Welfare Officer (1) – Rob Davidson – proposed by Andy Burr, seconded by Richard Stephenson.
• Child Welfare Officer (2) – Donna Atkinson – proposed by Mark Atkinson, seconded by Alan Toward.
• Girls Development Officer – Colin Archer – Proposed by John Bower, seconded Mark Atkinson.
• Fundraising Officer(s) – Alan Toward and Donna Atkinson – proposed by David Allan, seconded by Rob Davidson.
• Web Administrator – Michael Taylor Jnr – proposed by Scott Chilvers, seconded by Daniel Taylor.
• Community Liaison Officer – Richard Stephenson – proposed by Donna Atkinson, seconded by Paul Wright.
• Kit/Store Manager – Mark Atkinson – Proposed by Donna Atkinson, seconded by Michael Taylor.
• Co–opted Members – Richie Martin and Scott Johnson – proposed by Paul Wright and Rob Davidson, seconded by Sean Stobbs and Donna Atkinson.

Amend any alterations to Club Rules, Club Policies and Constitution

There were no amendments to Club Rules, Policies but a new ruling to the Constitution was changed and agreed (see above).

Any Other Business

There was no “any other business” as the secretary had not received any correspondence in writing from members 14 days prior to the AGM.


AGM 2014

Heaton Hawks Junior Football Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Friday 11th of July 2014 at Benfield Sport Centre, Benfield School, Benfield Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. The Annual General Meeting will begin at 6.30pm prompt.

The following agenda has been distributed by the secretary, John Bower.

1) Apologies for Absence
2) Chairman/Secretaries Report
3) Treasurers Report
4) Election of Club Officials and Executive Committee

Current Positions Available:
• Chairman
• Vice Chairman
• Secretary and possibly Assistant
• Treasurer
• 2 x Child Welfare Officers
• Girls Development Officer
• Fundraising and Grant Facilitating Officer (incorporating looking for Club Sponsors)
• Website Administrator
• Schools Liaison Officer
• Kit + Equipment Manager for all teams

Applications for the above positions to be directed to the current Secretary (John Bower) by email or letter 14 days prior to the AGM.

5) Amend any alterations to Club Rules , Club Policies and Constitution etc
6) Consider and transact any other business received in writing or by email to the secretary Mr John Bower, 2 Melville Grove, High Heaton NE7 7AQ from members 14 days prior to the AGM.


Updated: Heaton Hawks 2014/2015 Trials

Trial information has been updated – Please check link below for details (Wednesday 25th June)

Heaton Hawks JFC are pleased to announce initial trial dates for the 2014/2015 season have been released and can be seen from the link below.

2014 Trial Dates

Dates and times for the remainder of the teams will be released in due course. For more information, contact the appropriate Team Manager. Contact information can be found on the Managers Contacts Page.